Meet The Designer

Photo by: Tyron Jemison

Chinnyere L. McPherson, Chinn, the designer of FASCHINN was born in Bronx, New York but was raised in Connecticut. Born with an innate passion for style, Chinnyere learned early that she had the natural flair to be a fashion designer.

Her grandparents were successful tailors and crafters back in Jamaica and here in the U.S. Although, Chinnyere wasn't formally taught by her family, its evident that the creative talents run deep within her bloodline. The first time she really learned to sew on a machine was in her Bloomfield High School Creative Fashion Design class.

In 2007, Chinnyere attended Fisher College where she studied Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising. In 2009, Chinnyere obtained two Associate of Science Degrees in her majors, Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising. Following her graduation, she was cordially invited to showcase her very first collection as an alumni designer the following year. This show marked the beginning of an unexpected creative journey to her fashion career.  

Since then, she has designed and showcased a collection every year at established institutions and local venues such as Hartford Union Station for Hartford Fashion Week, The University of Hartford, The Bill Miller’s Castle and The University of Connecticut. Due to her unforgettable work, Chinnyere has been invited to countless fashion shows and pop-up shops all over CT,NY and Boston.

Chinnyere’s love for the arts has challenged her to remain on the cutting edge of the fashion industry. From interning and managing high-end women’s boutiques to volunteering in NYFW, her efforts to flourish are undeniable in her industry. Her vast experience in the retail industry has propelled her to be strong designer because of her consumer knowledge and relations. Chinnyere’s committed to forever exploring new heights in the fashion industry while teaching others along the way.