Full Body Measurements

Are you apart of a wedding? Or simply just curious of what your body measurements are? Stop by our studio and we will provide you with professional full body measurements to either give to a tailor, seamstress or for yourself to keep for personal use. 

Custom Designs & Consultation

Do you have a special event coming up? Wedding, birthday or do you have a hard time finding clothing that fits off the rack? We can design a garment that will be made specifically to fit you and your special occasion. There is a non-refundable $35 consultation fee for all custom services.

 Here are our guidelines for custom design services.


We have a curated selection of original FASCHINN designs that you can shop off the rack in our design studio. We are located in The Dirt Salon, 50 Bartholomew Ave, Hartford, CT. To set an appointment to shop with us, email us at