Established in 2014, FASCHINN is a versatile lifestyle brand that provides exclusive designs to both men and women. Our rare fashions focus on craftsmanship and designs that will set you apart from the world of “fast fashion”. We offer a series of limited edition capsule collections that will inspire new thoughts and push boundaries. In addition, special occasion custom bespoke design is one of our select services.

FASCHINN was founded by Chinnyere McPherson, a rising fashion designer and stylist, with over 13 years of hands on fashion experience. Anyone that knows McPherson personally, will tell you that she’s always had an innate gift for art and design. Sketching since age 9 and working in the retail industry since the age of 16, Chinnyere has fully immersed herself in the industry.

Developing FASCHINN as an extension of herself, McPherson’s goal is to maintain the significance of craftsmanship and authenticity in this big world of fashion.