The Redemption

Last weekend, a couple hours after the FABB Social Event, I had another show (yes, call me crazy, lol). The Salvation Army hosted a fashion show called the Redemption Fashion Show. This show showcased eco-couture designs from local fashion designers in Connecticut. We were invited to deconstruct old donated clothing and were expected to created a new "redeemed" collection. I'll be honest, initially the thought of reworking the clothing was daunting but I accepted the challenge and to my surprise it was an amazing experience that accelerated my creativity to a new level.


By getting access to the Salvation Army warehouses, I realized how wasteful and ungrateful we are in this country. I saw so many garments with tags on it that had never been worn, I have gained a new appreciation for what I already have and making better decisions for what I NEED!


It took me a little while to get started on this project because I was waiting on the inspiration to hit me. It wasn't coming to me as I thought it would so I asked myself, "What would be a popular item that would be donated often that I could use?" DENIM! and what else pairs with amazingly with denim? Leather! Which I found a lot of in my search for goods to reconstruct. In my search, I stumbled upon some real deal U.S. Army Jackets and pants and from there the collection took form! Green is naturally my favorite color so it seemed like a sign from the design gods!


Check out some before and after photos below:

Jasmine is wearing a suede skirt was reworked into an asymmetrical sweetheart neckline mid length dress.


Shannen's skirt is made from a men's Ralph Lauren Polo Sweater (I really had a hard time cutting into this piece). The top is an old pair of original Levi Denim. This top was definitely my favorite! 

 Kimone is wearing a two piece set reconstructed from a men's sweater.

Onon has on a women's sweater reconstructed into a cool off the shoulder style top. Unfortunately I never took a before picture of the skirt.


Alexa is wearing a camo jumpsuit reworked from 2 pairs of camo pants, 2 camo jackets and a leather coat!

Shandia is wearing a myriad of reconstructed leather garments (mainly jackets) which was the finale piece for this show.

Please let me know which one was your favorite!




  • Pammarie

    I was at that show. That leather piece is gorgeous!

  • Nicqueva

    YOU DID THAT!! I love this

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