New Neutrals. New Strides.

Earlier this year the iconic designer Louboutin has expanded their nude collection from 5 shades to 7. The hues vary from the lightest shade, "porcelain" to the deepest shade "deep chocolate".

In the height of all today's social injustice, its admirable that the designer, Christian Louboutin, was thoughtful enough to think about all shades of beauty.  

In addition to broadening the shade range, Christian has put plenty of thought into the new design, a flat called the “Solasofia” shoe, which retails at a $595 pop. 

The biggest inspiration was Louboutin main goal, which was simply to continue making the person wearing them feel great. Christian Louboutin said “The nude collection is dedicated to people who want to have great legs, to have a great silhouette,” he told The Huffington Post. “Not necessarily to emphasize the shoe. If you look at the shoe, it looks good, if you don’t look at the shoe, if you don’t see the details, it’s all about the legs; it’s all about the person. It’s great for when you are just thinking of yourself, when you’re not thinking of being dressed. It keeps you undressed in a way.”

It's relieving to know that some designers are taking the time to appreciate all shades of beauty. Some will say he's taking advantage of the the political upheaval when it comes to the racial tension in this country today. Some will say he's being inclusive. In my opinion, his efforts are admirable due to the simple fact that he's drumming up conversation. What your take on the "nude collection?"  





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