How I Became Yoncé For A Day

It all started with a text....


When I first got his message, I was low key depressed and in a bit of a creative funk. Nonetheless, I decided to take on the challenge. Now if you're not familiar with this video, it is the latest project from The Carters (Beyoncé & Jay Z the ultimate power couple). You can watch the "Apes**t" music video here.


IG @thedamgram

My good friend David is a videographer/photographer and a blogger based out of Hartford, CT. He attends this Halloween Party hosted by the New Britain Museum of Art annually. His plan was strategic, recreate this video and party at the same time! He was responsible for the video/concept and my job was to nail the costumes.



I had a lot of fun making these costumes. I ended up making both suits in less than a week. Most of the time went into making David's suit because menswear isn't my forté so it took me a little longer to execute. My Yoncé suit was made in 24 hours. I'm so happy I decided to take on this project because it resparked a much needed fire of creativity.  Moral of the story is to keep yourself surrounded by creative people that will push you to your potential! Thanks David (follow him on IG @thedamgram)

Here's some footage of the process and the end result: 



  The #BEYHIVE even cosigned our look by showing us love on our @FASCHINN IG! (Correction, most of the Behive, there were a few haters in the comments lol)




My favorite costumes from Halloween After Dark:






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